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I don’t even know where to really start.

August 9th, 2015 my fiance and I matched. With an app that is abundant of matches, it was hard to weed through everyone. We both were talking to numerous people, but flash forward November 9th, I started messaging Nimesh again. I have to admit I was the flake in the equation, but his genuine smile and eyes made me want to circle back. Weeks later November 21 my best friend Uma asked why I wasn’t being more serious about Nimesh. I couldn’t think of a single thing except I was truly scared/tired/exhausted from what seemed to be an endless search. I became more serious about Nimesh and I don’t think I ever looked back. Everything just seemed to work with us. We texted back and forth until we finally met in person December 4th. It wasn’t a typical first date, we were joined by his brother, his cousin, and her fiance. We had only been texting back and forth so it wasn’t until that day I heard his deep southern accent that made me giggle. In midst of a meet and greet type first date, it never felt awkward. You would have never known that was our first time meeting. Probably because as dinner continued we came to realized there was a high possibility we knew each other another way. It had turned out that my great aunt and his grandmother were best friends. We had crossed paths 4-5 that we could count on top of our heads (weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc). We would have never seen what was in front of us if hadn’t been for Dil Mil.

Everything went by so fast, I knew he was the one within a couple of weeks. Our family clicked instantly, whether it was because of the common thread, or whatever; we were both happy that both sets of parents were happy for us. Nimesh proposed on July 9th, but I had been convinced up until that moment it would have been today. My best friend had thrown me off, and I really didn’t want to keep thinking every moment we were together was going to be the proposal. For a girl who pretty much chose her own ring, I knew he would have the perfect proposal up his sleeve. It was more than perfect, it was the fairy tale I never thought would belong to me. We are forever grateful for Dil Mil and we couldn’t be happier.

- Hemina

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