5 Tips to Thrive During Cuffing Season


Whether you’re newly single, or it’s been a while since the seat beside you during movie nights has been warm, cuffing season is just around the corner. We know that this glorious, magical time is all about finding a boo to cuddle with under a blanket and get through the upcoming colder months with, but there might be just one problem…finding that boo. 

Looking forward to it? Here are 5 tips to stay thriving this cuffing season:

1. Download a dating app

No, this tip’s intention is not to plug Dil Mil. The days are only getting shorter and colder which means there isn’t as much time during the day to truly be out and about. Besides, we know your curfew is 7pm anyway. It won’t be long before “Papa” starts to serial call and kills the vibe you’ve been building with Preeti at the campus library. Couple that up with the fact that the weather tends to be crappier, and bam, missed opportunities galore. Overcome these dating obstacles by downloading a dating app. Fill out your profile, and get to know people from the comfort of your bed on a cold, autumn day. Then, intentionally meet up. How fun!

2. Don’t judge people too fast

If you’re going to be swiping, don’t rush yourself, be intentional about it. Look beyond their pictures on their profile. What parts of their description are interesting to you? Do you have anything in common? You can’t judge people based on one or two things, some of which are, let’s be honest, BS labels. You deserve someone who wants to spend time getting to know you, so of course, that should only be reciprocated. 

3. Spooky season just passed, and so should ghosting

We know Halloween just passed and around now is the time that ghosts apparently are the most active during the year. But, that doesn’t give us the right to start ghosting people like nobody’s business. If you’re just not able to keep the spark alive, give the person you’re involved with a heads up – be honest about how you feel and move on. Cuffing season is funner when we get cuffed up, together.

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4. Don’t rush, don’t settle

Take it eaaaasssyyyy. Don’t jump head first into something, and don’t settle for a relationship that’s “good enough.” You deserve a relationship that ignites the cable tv holiday fire log in the pit of your stomach and makes your heart gooey like chocolate chip cookies. Someone who makes you smile at your phone and makes your parents wonder why you’re smiling at your phone. Smile away, people. Date authentically.

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5. Love yourself

Ah, yes, the old cliche. It’s true though. It’s hard to believe you’re worth love, and to accept the act of love if you don’t love yourself. So, wake up every morning and fill your day with things that make you happy. The minute you come to accept yourself for who you are, others will too. And if life asks you “hey, what the hell do you think of yourself?” let her know all your “I am…” affirmations. After all, it’s your life, do what brings you most joy!

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