Is Dil Mil Safe?

Is Dil Mil Safe?

4 Reasons Dil Mil Will Keep You Safe While Dating Online

While this is the last thing anyone should have to worry about when falling in love, safety is unfortunately often the first thing that comes to mind when meeting someone new online, especially for women. Our team takes these concerns very seriously, and recognizes our responsibility of making sure you have a safe and positive experience when using Dil Mil. The only thing we want you to worry about when using Dil Mil is coming up with clever pick-up lines.

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With several features and policies in place to protect you from harassment and keep all our users safe, we want to make sure you’re talking to real people who understand and respect our no harassment rules. We also take your privacy seriously and protect your data. Learn more about our safety tools and features below to better understand why Dil Mil is a safe choice when it comes to making meaningful connections online. 

1. Profile Verification 

Know that you’re talking to a real person! Dating is hard enough already, and you no longer need to be worried about fake profiles or bot accounts on Dil Mil. Our profile verification feature ensures the authenticity of users.

To get verified on Dil Mil:

1. Go to your account screen.

2. Tap on the grey check mark next to your name.

3. Follow the prompts & take a selfie that matches the pose given to you.

4. Upload your photo & submit.

5. Congrats! Our team will review your image and you should be verified soon. You’ll receive a push notification when we’ve confirmed things on our end and a blue checkmark will appear next to your name. 

As you swipe, people who have verified themselves will also have a blue checkmark displayed next to their names on their profiles, so rest assured you’ll know you’re talking to a real human! 

2. Phone Number Authentication

Dil Mil users must have a valid phone number to create an account, and you can only have one active profile connected to a phone number. When users delete and remake their profiles, our moderation team checks to make sure it’s the same profile being created.

If you’re ever suspicious of a fake profile, you can immediately report it to our team for review using the steps outlined here.

3. Zero Harassment Tolerance Policy 

We take any reports of harassment extremely seriously, and have a zero tolerance policy in place to protect our users and ensure an enjoyable dating experience. You are offered three levels of escalation – Unmatch, Block or Report. If you’re just not feeling it and don’t want to continue your conversation with a user – Unmatch is the best way to go. If a user potentially seems like someone you’d like to avoid or not have your profile made visibile to – Blocking them is preferred. Lastly, if a user is making you feel unsafe in any way – you should use the Report option to reach out to our our customer support team. We encourage this route in any instances of misconduct and violations of our policies. Once an account is reported, it is banned from the platform and the user is unable to make a new profile or sign up again.

Reporting harassment process:

Our moderation team takes the following steps when a user reports another user, or submits a sexual harassment claim to our customer support team with evidence showing that someone on our platform is going against our policies:

  • We ask you to provide a screenshot of the person’s profile you are reporting, along with any screenshots that show proof of the harassment (ex. chat conversation screenshots).
  • Once we verify the report, the profile displaying the inappropriate behavior is banned immediately, and the user is not able to sign up for Dil Mil again.

4. Our Moderation Team Has Your Back

We have a team of moderators in place to oversee all our safety features and policies, including our photo guidelines. We don’t rely on just technology or bots to make decisions and do verifications; we have a human element to this process and have built out a huge team that has been trained in a highly sensitive manner to ensure that your safety in the number 1 priority. When new users sign up, our moderation team reviews and approves the photos uploaded to each profile to make sure you can see faces clearly and that there are no fake celebrity photos or inappropriate images being used. Check out our photo guidelines to learn more about our requirements to make sure you have a positive experience when swiping for cuties.

**For Your Eyes Only – Data Privacy: We have very strict data privacy rules. Dil Mil does not share user data with any third party services. This includes the rights to your images, messages exchanged between matches, and any personal information you provide. Once you’ve deleted your profile, we do not save any of your data or conversations as well. We at Dil Mil are committed to protecting the information you share with us, and explaining how we collect, process, and share that information. Read more here

If you have any further questions, you can also contact our Support team here. You can also learn more about how Dil Mil works here.

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