5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Flowers or Chocolate


The Dil Mil Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is coming up sooner than you think, and here’s our official PSA: don’t be the guy or girl who picks up overpriced, wilting almost sold-out roses on your way to your date just because you didn’t plan ahead. Putting in a little bit of effort (no matter if you’ve been dating for a month or a year) goes a long way. No matter how much we may deny it, every girl loves a little TLC now and then. We’ve got your back with some non-traditional ways to help make this year’s Valentine’s Day special.

1. Surprise weekend getaway or day trip

This might feel a little extravagant for Valentine’s day, especially if you’re in a relatively new relationship, but let’s be real, some of those Valentine’s Day dinner reservations are the price of a mini vacay! Plan a surprise weekend getaway for your partner or just a quick day trip to a new place for you to explore together. A shared experience will build your bond even further, and the memories you create way more valuable than a material gift in the long run. Check out our Valentine’s Day Getaway giveaway if you haven’t yet! We’re giving away a $1,000 Airbnb gift card, so this might be perfect if you win.

2. Learn something your partner is passionate about

If your partner is creative, maybe book pottery or a paint nite class for the two of you (could be virtual too)! If she really cares about sustainability and you’re a trash monster, make your gift a change in 3 habits that will make you more sustainable! If she’s a big foodie or loves to bake, plan a date night in and cook a fun meal together. Showing interest in the things they care about shows that you are flexible and care about them enough to put effort into the things that matter to them. Check out some of the Airbnb experiences in your city to get some ideas as well!

3. Not your average flowers – Almari Roses

Okay so this one on the list is technically flowers, but they’re super cool, long lasting flowers that your partner can keep for over a year (they don’t even need to be watered)! These luxury flowers are a popular gift among some of our fave people. Though they can get fairly expensive, they offer a wide variety of options from gifting one single rose to a massive bouquet with custom designs.

Plus, you can use code “DILMIL” for 25% off your order!

4. Custom Digital Couples Portrait

Etsy is full of immensely talented independent artists who can help you create beautiful, custom artwork for Valentine’s Day. Check out artists like this who can turn your favorite photograph into a priceless digital illustration that your valentine can hang up on their wall. Digital artwork is a fun twist on the traditional framed photograph, and also show how much thought and effort you put into planning her gift in advance – what more does a girl need to feel extra special?

5. Eclectic Jewelry

The right jewelry never fails to impress, but you’ll want to choose the jewelry carefully depending on which stage of the relationship you’re in. If things are still fairly new, you should avoid going too heavy with high-end designers. On the flip side, picking up some generic heart shaped jewelry from the department store lacks originality and will likely generate a lackluster response in return. A good balance is something mid-range that still feels special, like a pair of earrings or a necklace from Local Eclectic. They source unique and fine jewelry from emerging designers, making them the perfect gift to help your valentine feel special!

*Bonus option*: Your Face on Socks

If all of these options are way too cheesy and serious for your taste and you just want to keep things light, go for something fun and goofy like these custom socks with your face on them. Or if you want her to really love them, get them customized with her pet’s face on them instead 😉

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