6 Types of Desi Boys You Meet on Dating Apps


We’re all out here looking for the partner of our dreams, but along that journey we sometimes have to wade through some not-so-perfect matches first. Stereotypes are mostly bad and you should never judge someone before you get to know them, but some stereotypes exist for a reason…because they’re true! If you’ve spent any time in the wild world of desi online dating, you’ve probably come across a few of these types of desi boys:

1. The Desi Fuckboi aka Wanna Be Drake

Do we even need to explain this one? Chances are you know 2-5 men like this personally. They define their life mottos with Drake lyrics, strive for that perfectly lined beard, and are probably talking to a few girls at the same time at all times. This is the type to flake on you for a planned date but then text you “u up?” later that night.

2. The Bollywood Fusion Dancer aka SRK Wannabe

The hopeless romantic with Bollywood references for every conversation. Was most definitely on a dance team in college, is most likely to break out into “ek pal ka jeena” dance moves at a party, and is also most likely to snuggle up with you for some DDLJ netflix and chill time. He’ll never forget to text you back, but half of the responses will be in the form of famous movie dialogues. Oh and he’ll probably say I love you too soon.

3. Mamma’s Boy aka Tolia Lao Type

His mom spoiled the crap out of him and if you’re making him choose between you and her, you will lose every time. He’ll give her naming rights over your first born and insist she lives with you after marriage. Also can’t cook or clean to save his life, and will expect you to be at his beck-and-call, just like his mother was (hence tolia lao). Early red flags: mentions what his mom told him to look for in his life partner.

4. Gym Rat aka Frat Bro

All he talks about is going to the gym. You know way more about his workout routine than you care to, and the only thing he’ll take a break to talk about instead is his incredible beer pong championship record in college. Oh and did we mention he still insists on setting up a beer pong table at every single party? Even your BFFs fancy dinner party for 8?

5. Perfect on Paper aka What’s the Catch

These are the guys who seem totally perfect on paper, the ones you desperately want to like because your families would love them and life would be so easy. Until you start talking to them and discover their one big, glaring dealbreaker. Like how he seems super progressive and even attended the Women’s March last year, but actually thinks his wife shouldn’t work and should stay home and focus on the family. Or how slowly plucking your eyelashes out one-by-one sounds more appealing than spending another evening talking to him because he is just so. damn. boring.

6. The Real Deal aka Both You & Your Parents Will Love Him

And then of course there are the occasional gems, the ones we are all out there on these apps for! We promise they exist ladies (just check out all our success stories as proof). They’ll actually listen to what you have to say, ask you questions to learn more about yourself, and are not only excited to meet your friends & family but make them instantly fall in love with them when they meet. You might have to meet a few of these other types before you get to the real deal, but hang in there and we promise it’ll be worth it!

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