7 Signs That You’re Actually in a Healthy Relationship


Relationships are complicated creatures. Two individual beings bringing their worlds together is never easy — the older we get the more set in our ways we become, and sometimes it’s hard to know if something’s not right, or if it’s just different. We’re always talking about red flags when dating, but today it’s time to talk about green flags, aka ways to know that things are going way better than you might realize they are! Read on below to learn how to find out if you’ve got a keeper.

1. Your insecurities melt away when you’re around them

We all go through that initial honeymoon phase where we’re constantly on our best behavior and still getting dressed to impress every time we meet our new partner. But there’s also a moment in every healthy, successful relationship where you know that you can let your guard down and just be yourself and they’ll still stick around, morning breath and all.

2. They listen to hear, and not to respond

They don’t just pretend to listen to your stories so they can move on and talk about their day. They genuinely care about what you have to say, and actively engage in the conversation. They know when to look for the deeper meaning behind what you’re saying, and when you need advice versus when you just want someone in your corner to hate the same people you do.

3. You can argue without pointing fingers

Sure you still fight, but it’s not about winning the argument for either of you. Your shared goal is to improve the relationship, and share how you feel, NOT point out all the things the other person is doing wrong. You both respect each other enough to work on things that hurt the other person, and that’s more important than being perfect 24/7.

4. You know their phone password, but never feel the need to use it to snoop.

Sure you have their phone password so you can reply to texts when they’re driving, or play your favorite song, but never for spying on them. This is a sign of something much bigger — trust in the relationship. They trust you enough to open the doors to their private world with you, and you trust them enough to stay out of their business!

5. You have your separate friends and interests

There’s a lot you love doing together, and you never get bored of spending time together. But you both care about maintaining your individuality and not losing yourself in the relationship. They’re not upset when you want to go out with your friends, and you’re not upset if they choose their hobbies over social plans with you once in a while.

6. Opinions are welcome, but rules are forbidden

You care about what the other person has to say about important decisions and steps in your life, and they take time to give you a thoughtful response. But without trying to dictate your life choices. Healthy partners are always a good sounding board, but don’t expect you to choose their way every time.

7. They feel like home

Most importantly, you get an indescribable feeling of comfort when you’re around them! They’re usually the first one you want to share good news with, and you gain energy from spending time with them. They just feel like home.

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