7 Ways to Keep the Conversation Going with Your Matches


It’s hard out here in this pandemic dating world. It’s still not advisable to travel and meet matches IRL, especially when you’re still getting to know them. Back-and-forth messaging in the app can become hard to maintain over extended periods of time and can really start to ruin a good thing that would have had a lot of potential pre-pandemic. We don’t want you to lose your shot because of COVID – here are five tricks to keep things spicy and carry the conversation forward when things start lagging.


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1. Don’t be scared of the double message!

It’s okay to just straight up double message/double text someone. Every delayed reply isn’t some crazy mind game. Sometimes people just genuinely get busy, and will appreciate the little reminder or nudge putting you back on their radar. Don’t overthink it, and if you feel like talking to them, just go for it!

2. Apologize for being MIA

If you’re the culprit for the lagging conversation, just own up to it! Apologize for the delay and explain why you got caught up with life. The more transparent you are, the more they’ll be willing to pick things back up with you.

3. Have a strong meme game

Sending memes or TikToks back-and-forth is the modern digital flirt game. Send them something that reminded you of them, or that references an ongoing inside joke between the two of you so they know you’re thinking about them.

4. Test their pop culture or current events knowledge

This is a good way to pressure-test if you both have things in common, and if they pay attention to and are interested in the same things as you. Some suggestions to get you started: ask about a new song that just came out, their best guess on who the winners of Love Island will be, or what their voting plan is if you’re feeling democratic. 

5. Share something from your day

It can be something as small as the amazing dinner you just cooked yourself, a weird thing your dog did today, or a more personal update such as a major accomplishment at work that you’re proud of. This let’s them know you care about sharing things about your life with them as they happen.

6. Send them a recommendation

Did you recently read an article you think they’d enjoy, or buy something that you know they’d find useful? Send it over and use it as an excuse to initiate a new conversation! Plus, if they take you up on your rec, it’ll give you a shared experience to bond over in the future.

7. Suggest a phone call or video call!

Sometimes the best way out of the texting rut is to take things to the next level. We know phone calls are so 2000s, so maybe try suggesting a FaceTime call if you’re feeling brave. You won’t be stuck staring at your phone all day waiting for replies, and as a bonus you can also get a chance to see what they actually look like before moving forward.

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