8 Flirty Texts to Send Instead of “Wyd?”


If you’ve initiated a conversation with a match and have exchanged a few friendly texts or maybe even gone on a date, and now you’re dreading that next phase of dating (the flirty textual exchange), then this article is for you. Flirty texts are a practiced artform, and it’s not easy to strike that balance between casual, flirty, and interested, vs. boring, overbearing, and desperate. Here are 8 creative ways to kick off a flirty text chat that don’t just start with a “wyd” or “what’s up”, ranging from playful and flirty to mushy and serious.

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1. Truth or dare?

An oldie but a goodie – catch them by surprise with a classic truth or dare. Just make sure you have some good questions and dares lined up, because there’s nothing worse than a last minute scramble to come up with a bold challenge if they surprise you by choosing dare.

2. Memes to the rescue

Sometimes you just need a solid meme streak to kick-off an interesting conversation. Being able to keep up with each other’s memes means that you share a similar sense of humor, and the memes you choose to share with tell you a lot about each other’s interests.

3. “Saw this and it reminded me of you”

Let them know you’re thinking about them, and use it as a chance to reference something they’ve told you about them! It shows that you listen to what they have to say.

4. A good emoji is worth a thousand words

Spice up your conversations with a generous use of emojis! Without IRL cues to work with, emojis serve as little clues to help land the right tone with your texts. Plus it’s easy to make your texts seem flirtier without getting cheesy.

5.I wish last night didn’t have to end

Throwback to your last hangout by talking about how you had a great time, complimenting them, or hinting at wanting to spend more time with them soon.

6.Being with you feels like home

Don’t be afraid to really let them know how you feel. It’s always nice to know that someone likes you enough to straight up say it, with a little romance sprinkled in for flair of course.

7.I just got the best news and you’re the first person I wanted to tell

Translation: you’re important to me and I want to share all the important things in my life with you!

8. Cut to the chase and ask them out!

Nothing is flirtier than actually asking them out on a nice date, and making plans to continue seeing each other

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