August 2020 Desi Horoscopes: What’s the new “normal?”


As we head towards the end of summer, August is all about adjusting to the new normal for us all. With the virus still fairly prevalent in many parts of the world, things aren’t going back to the way they used to be anytime soon. Instead, our energies will be focused on making the most of the rest of 2020. You’ll find yourself looking for joy in the small things and life, and feel reenergized to chase a sense of purpose and do some good for this world. Read on below for your monthly desi horoscope (no Indian Matchmaking pundits were consulted in the making of these horoscopes).


It’s never fun to admit when your mom is right, but just like she predicted, quarantine does have you feeling lonely and wishing you had a partner for company this month. You’ll find yourself seeking a deeper need to connect with those around you, and you may even find yourself seeking romantic companionship. Reach out to friends and family to reconnect, and maybe pop onto the dating apps to see how things are going. At the end of the day, it’s going to be all about chasing things that make you happy. Don’t be scared to try new things – your risks will be worth the rewards this month.


The classic desi overachiever part of you will be hyper-focused on your career this month. Maybe things have been going really well at work, and you want to figure out how to take things to the next level. Or maybe the state of the world has given you pause to reflect on what you really want to accomplish in life, causing you to think about some big career moves. Even outside your career, you’ll find yourself craving new experiences while shedding old habits that no longer suit the person you are today.


This month you’re going to have newfound energy to finally tackle some of the things you’ve been putting off for a while. This could be a major apartment clean-up, or a massive budget overhaul and financial planning session that will make your brown parents proud. Knocking some important to-dos off your list will also help create space for new experiences. As you approach the end of the month, you’ll find yourself craving a new adventure. This could be as simple as trying a new cuisine, or revamping your bedroom decor.


August has brought an exciting new wave of energy into your life. While you may have been feeling a bit down recently with being stuck in the house and the current state of the world, this new energy will push you to get out of bed and actually get ready for your WFH day. You’ll experience a major confidence boost, which might even lead you to set up a few first dates and put yourself out there after a long gap. This new you will also attract new social energy and help you meet new people who are on the same wavelength.


Birthday excitement will have you in party mode for the majority of the month. You’ll feel like celebrating with friends and exploring the outdoors as much as you can before summer fades away. Once you get the outdoor dining adventures out of your system, you’ll close out the month by getting back on track with regularly scheduled programming the rest of the month. It’ll be time to get serious about work and take stock of where you are in your career. There may be a big opportunity to take on a new project to prove yourself at work, leading to a change in responsibilities.


You need some time to yourself to catch-up on life. Virtual and socially-distanced hangouts have taken a toll on your energy, and you need some time to recharge. Retreat into solo mode for a while so you can focus on catching up with work, your home, and the relationships that matter to you. Call a long-distance friend who you haven’t seen in a while, or send that voter registration form that’s still on your nightstand. Once you get your life organized and back on track, you’ll be able to better enjoy the rest of your summer.


You’ll find yourself entering a reflective period in the month of August. You may experience a mini identity crisis as you search for purpose in your life. There’s a lot going on in the world, and you’re itching for a way to contribute in a meaningful way. Your search for fulfillment may lead you to explore new organizations and social circles. Look for people with shared interests — you’ll be surprised by how quickly they become part of your inner circle and help open up a completely new side of yourself.


You’re due for a trip down memory lane. You’ll fondly look back on key moments from your past that have shaped who you are today. These moments have helped you present the truest, most honest version of yourself to the world, and looking back on your journey will help you carry these learnings forward into the next phase of your life. This conviction of who you are will also carry over into your work, and help you have the confidence to ask for what you deserve at work. You may be facing a crossroads in your career, but your learnings from your past will help you make the right decision and trust in your instincts.


Your coping mechanism has been escape. Whether it’s finding the time to get outdoors and go on a quick walk, or a group chat that makes you laugh and feel safe, you’ve come to rely on daily rituals and distractions to keep you sane. In August, you’ll feel motivated to take this pent up energy and need for distractions, and channel it into a productive side hustle. Think about some of the passion projects you’ve had on the back burner and never taken seriously – it’s time to bring one to life!


You’re ready for the next phase in your life. This month you’ll find yourself daydreaming about future goals and aspirations that are becoming more and more clear as each day goes by. Your next step in your career may not be easy, but you’ll start feeling more prepared to make big moves. You’ve also taken some time to reflect on relationships in your past this year, and now have a better sense of who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner. Leave log kya kahenge behind and start chasing those dreams!


You need to let your gut instinct take over this month. It’s time to listen to that little voice inside you that’s telling you a friend is taking advantage of you, or that you’re not getting enough recognition at work. The best form of self-love is fighting for the love and respect you deserve. Our brown upbringings have taught us to be subservient and never ruffle any feathers, and that asking for what you deserve is the same as being ungrateful. No more! Go out there and get what you deserve.


Self-care = laziness in the brown community, and it’s time we changed that. You’re getting out of an intense, busy period in your life and you’ll be in deep need for some TLC. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else on a similar journey, and make sure you take some time to recharge. Plan a fun self-care day at home with a DIY spa day, or host a binge watching marathon of one of your fave TV shows this month. The world needs a happy, healthy, you!

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