Pizza, Proposal, Paris – What A Day!

Pizza, Proposal, Paris – What A Day!

Dishali was tired of hearing comments from her parents about her dating life. She had tried numerous other leading dating apps to find her match, but had no luck. Then she decided to get on Dil Mil and try it for a month – judgement free, to see what would happen and promised herself that she would delete the app regardless of whether she was successful in her pursuit of finding her forever person. She patiently swiped on people for a month, and on her last day before deleting the app, ting ting ting – she matched with Hersh!! 

Meanwhile, Hersh was on Dil Mil with a more laidback approach and wasn’t expecting anything serious, let alone finding his ideal match. Dishali was living with her parents in Dallas, Texas, while Hersh was living in Ohio and was in Houston, Texas for a business trip at the time they matched. They talked for a month and a half before meeting. The first thing that stood out to Dishali about Hersh was how understanding and supportive he was. For Hersh, nothing beats seeing Dishali’s smile and he made sure to compliment her for it whenever they’d FaceTime. 

Shortly before their first meeting, Hersh ended up moving to Atlanta, Georgia and Dishali flew there for Labor Day for the big date. It was her first time flying to meet someone, and she was quite nervous. Upon seeing him in person, the first thing that came to her mind was how tall he was! What followed was an action-packed weekend which included a road trip to Savannah, Georgia to try local foods, and a hike up and down Stone Mountain. This gave Dishali plenty of opportunities to also discover Hersh’s goofiness and charm which she grew to adore. 

The biggest challenge of Dishali and Hersh’s long distance journey was how hard it can be to get significant alone time as a couple, especially considering they both were living with their parents. But, they always found ways to keep a spark alive despite the distance and made time to work in order to grow their relationship. During the time they did get together, Dishali and Hersh enjoyed travelling to different places and hitting up the gym together! On one of their little weekend escapes, they decided that a European vacation would be a good next step. 

Fast forward to 2022, Hersh had planned the ultimate Europe trip – it was their first time going on an extended trip together. Given that this would be one of the longest durations where the couple got to spend time together, both were extremely excited. Little did she know that this was going to not just be an ordinary vacation but in fact he had grand plans in place. He’d chatted with her parents months ago, expressed his desire to propose to her while they’re away and gotten their blessings. 

It all started with Hersh telling Dishali that he wanted to do a couple’s photoshoot in Paris, because he knew she loved getting pictures taken. Although this set off an alarm in Dishali’s head, she ignored it. The couple took a train from London to Paris, and albeit exhausted, got up at 7am for the shoot. Unfortunately, there was construction happening in front of the Eiffel Tower, but the couple didn’t let that deter their plans and they managed to find alternate spots on the other side for the session. It was when the photographer made them post back to back that Dishali anticipated what was coming..

Before she knew it, Hersh was on one knee saying, “I knew this day was coming for a long time, but I wanted to make it special. There is no one else I see going through life by my side but you. I love you, will you marry me?” With tear-soaked eyes, Dishali said “yes!” to Hersh, and the couple sealed the deal with a ring! After the proposal of her dreams, Dishali spent the rest of the day exploring Paris, taking a boat ride down the Sienna River, and grabbed some late night pizza!  

Dishali and Hersh have been living together since their engagement and recently moved back to Dallas, TX.  They are both grateful for Dil Mil and are finally taking on a new adventure of wedding planning as well as working together in business! 

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