February 2023 Horoscopes: It’s Our Month To Shine!

February 2023 Horoscopes: It’s Our Month To Shine!

Happy February, Dil Mil Fam! We all know Valentine’s Day is around the corner. At Dil Mil, we’ve got our Shah Rukh Khan romantic classics, roses and champagne ready to go. Cupid has blessed our algorithms, and his cherubs are working hard to build up maximum amounts of love and romance on the app. Whether you’re planning to get boo’d up this month or not (because yes, you can dedicate this Valentine’s day to appreciating yourself), expect some type of ooey gooey love ups coming your way.

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So sit back, little love bug, play a grand tune from the Mohabbatein soundtrack in the background, and read all about what the month of love, beauty and all things aesthetic has to offer you.


You’ll be busy balancing more than just love this month, Aries. Life is switching up for you. Change can be uncomfortable and unpredictable, but expect new relationships and partnerships to emerge as you let go of what no longer serves you. Aries are known to be their own love gurus because you typically put action behind your fiery desires, and this month will reflect that – especially when it comes to your love life. So, take a chance and message that cutie on Dil Mil, because you never know, with all that magnetism and charisma, you may just woo the person of your dreams.

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This month, you’re moving away from the things that make you feel at ease, oh creature of comfort. Say goodbye to the cozie onesies and step into the limelight this month. You’ll be as socially busy as an air sign, fluttering from event to event, networking with new people as you go. During this time, it’s extremely likely that your sensual self will be easily noticed – you’re ruled by Venus, after all. So, put those flirting shoes on, and start chatting up all the cuties you see. You’ll find yourself hella successful when it comes to love and getting noticed.

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You’re kicking back this month, Gemini. After several difficult astrological months, summer’s come incredibly early for you. So, you’re not into anything that doesn’t contribute to your joy, contentment and peace this month. Say goodbye to overcommitting yourself and hello to boundaries (crazy, right?!) Be sure to stay true to yourself and pursue commitments, partnerships, and, on a less serious note, flirtationships, that feel authentic and genuine. Regardless of whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a boo or not, it’ll be memorable because you’ll be happy (making it that much easier to navigate sneaking out of the house for a date come February 14). 

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We get it, Cancer cutie, you’re busy with work. But, cut it out – we all know your sentimental self enjoys the bustle of February, and all the fuss around Valentine’s Day. So, even if you’re trying to “focus on your career,” you already know that you’ll be seducing and charming everyone at the party and on the street. Expect a cute encounter at the coffee shop, the library, or on the ground floor of your office building. Any romantic Bollywood cliché can happen to you this month, and we’re all about it.

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You’re redefining what love means to you this month, dear Leo. Ever the dramatic, you’re looking for deeper definitions of love this month – exploring new depths in your current relationships, and inspiring you to connect with new romantic partners. Expect yourself to get lost in the most adventurous stories. You’re attracted to big, unique personalities, and your passions will run high. You’re not spending Valentine’s Day with a low-key night in, but if that’s you riding a motorcycle with a guy that looks like Zayn Malik on the highway, we’ll wave and shout because we’ll know that’s you.

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Expect your love life to be busy this month, dear Virgo! You have a budding romance coming in that’s making everything a romantic Bollywood dream sequence for you. We’re talking, expect to be living in a Shah Rukh Khan movie, with violins playing in the background of your everyday life. You could meet them IRL or URL, but either way, let your guard down and let the dream sequence take over. Allow yourself to be loved upon, without forgetting your curfew. 


You’re dazzling your way into February, Libra! This month is all about taking yourself seriously. Whether it’s your work, your hobbies, your health, your routine, and anything in between. Ever the natural charmer, like the legend Poo from K3G, you’ll be expecting lots of different suitors this month – but don’t let your expectations get the best of you. It’s important for you to shift perspective this month and focus on giving instead of receiving, as you typically do. As fun as Valentine’s Day is, it’s best to feel someone out to ensure that you’re both on the same frequency. Life’s better that way.

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You did the inner work you needed to these past few months, dear Scorpio, and now, it’s time for you to allot some much needed time to your love life. Things are changing – you’re looking for a relationship or a partnership that feels like soulmates in a friendship – a classic ride til we die type of relationship with a similar thinking significant other. Fitting, because that’s the exact amount of intensity and closeness that your sign looks for. Remember to think of your values and needs as you venture out into this brand-new dating world, little Scorpio – the kala chashma is cool until the room gets dark. Then you can’t see.

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You’re present this month, dear Sagittarius. The planets are blessing you with the perfect time to find the person of your dreams – hell yeah, the one you’ve been waiting for! This month blesses you with so much romance, celebration and creativity. No matter what, you’ll find the theme of communication constantly comes up – so think twice, be intentional about what you say, and don’t get caught up in a lie! Make sure you remember that the key to being romantically successful this month is by literally being yourself – let all your quirks out (gently) and give someone the opportunity to fall in love with who you really are.

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You’re feeling the love inside and out, little Capricorn. Not only is this a fruitful month to find that ishq wala love (literally), but also love for yourself and harmony in your personal relationships – including those who are closest to you. Expect yourself to be full of intentional communication and travel. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new love interest abroad, in the sweet summery sunshine. Pay attention to your spending, and bask in the love, respect, support and happiness that you’ll be feeling this month. You deserve it, Capricorn.

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Happy birthday, dear Aquarius! Ever the rebel of the zodiac, you’ll find your eccentric self in equally unique, stunning experiences. Expect to see the world through a lens of beauty this month, Aquarius. You’ll be focussed on all of the things you find beautiful on all fronts – physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and materialistically. If you find yourself closing your eyes and finding yourself in the middle of a Bollywood song sequence in Switzerland, we wouldn’t be surprised. You’re all about that easy, soulful, mellow, once-in-a-lifetime type of love. And we’re here for it. 

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Arguably, every month is just like February for you, little Pisces. Your whole life is the plot of a gushy Bollywood movie (we stan!) This month, you’re gearing up for your birthday season by basking in the love and romance of as many people as possible. This month, you’re gearing toward showing up for yourself while also becoming a leader at work or in your personal life. Expect yourself to find success when you take initiative and take the lead on all things romance and in life. You never know who’s paying attention to you.

Good luck in love this month and we’ll see you in March, Dil Mil fam!

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