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As I walked towards the love of my life, my soon-to-be fiancee, the person who was perfect for me in every way, I couldn’t help but smile uncontrollably at the look on Henna’s face. Even though it was obscured by her hand as she started crying, it was one of shock, love, amazement. Honestly, too many emotions to pin down accurately. But one thing was for certain, she was going to say “yes” to the big question. Well, she nodded her head first, then I made her say it before putting the ring on her finger. Halfway up her finger, I couldn’t get it past her knuckle, so I let her handle that. This is tangential. You see, I knew she’d say yes, not because of my tendency to be overconfident, but rather, since the beginning of our relationship, we were weird. Weird in the sense that, despite school and work or family and friends, we texted all day about everything and nothing. Facetimed every night to say good night or make silly faces (she broke the ice the first time we video chatted, and for some reason, I didn’t turn and run). Called each other when we were stuck in traffic. Any chance we had, we seized. We’ve only met up in person four times over the last 15 months, but each trip was always full of things to do, people to meet, and memories to be created. Not soon after we matched on Dil Mil back in April 2015 did we realize how similar we were in many ideals ranging from the realms of family to religion to career. But we also balanced each other in many areas, like my extroverted personality or her frugal nature. Or her ability to wear 5 inch heels but be my height. Even the fact that she has enough hair for the both of us.

Within the first couple months, we progressed rapidly in our relationship, mostly do to our constant communication and open nature. Although she had Dil Mil since October when it came out, she wasn’t taking it too seriously. And I downloaded the app in late March after a friend told me about it, but like her, wasn’t expecting anything real from it. The app was just growing around Oklahoma, so the girls that popped up started to be further and further away. To be more specific, over 1,400 miles away in California. Lucky for me, she lowered her height cut-off by two inches a few days before we matched, and I swooped in. Neither of us were dating just to date, we shared a common end goal and have been pursuing it full force. Once again, a kind of weird, unconventional approach. How could we be so sure? It was key moments along the way that reinforced it, like dropping the “L” bomb over Facetime before we even met in person. No topic was off limits, I’m pretty positive we covered marriage goals, how many children we wanted, our desires to take care of our parents, where we could live, and so on way too early. When we started discussing when we could meet in person, I jokingly said I wasn’t going to say anything the first time I saw her, rather just kiss her. While she agreed at first, a few weeks later, she backtracked to a hug. I was able to settle at a hug then kiss. After a trip to Oregon and Hawaii during my summer break, I flew into LA to meet up with her and stuck true to the promise. As I held her in my arms on our first embrace, I knew I was never letting her go.

- Hitesh

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