How 2 Busy Desi Doctors Found Love


So how do two busy, desi doctors find time for love? They get on Dil Mil! Neelima was in Houston doing her OBGYN residency and Naveen was in New Orleans doing his Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship when they both got on Dil Mil as a way to try and meet people despite their busy schedules.

They talked for a couple of months before deciding to meet in person. Naveen flew to Houston to visit, and Neelima went to the airport to pick him up. Their first encounter was a little awkward – Neelima had planned to go in for a hug when she arrived, but Naveen instead asked her to pop the trunk to put his bag inside. Things got better throughout the day as they were both able to relax and get to know one another. They went to the zoo and roamed around Houston during their first weekend together, and they soon decided they wanted to see each other again. A month later, Neelima visited Naveen in New Orleans, where they had a lovely weekend visiting jazz bars and exploring different restaurants.

When the long distance and their crazy schedules couldn’t keep them apart, they knew this was something real. As Neelima approached her residency graduation, Naveen knew he was ready to take the next step and started planning the right moment for the proposal. About a week before her residency graduation, Neelima was planning to visit Naveen in New Orleans for the week, which gave him the perfect opening he was looking for.

Neelima loves Blue Bell ice cream, so he stocked up on some and had it waiting for her in the freezer, along with the perfect surprise proposal. On Neelima’s last night in New Orleans, the couple went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Neelima thought he might propose at dinner, and was disappointed when the evening went by without any excitement. On their way home, Naveen made them stop a couple of different times at grocery stores looking for Neelima’s favorite Blue Bell cookies and cream ice cream. You see, Neelima had already finished the ice cream he’d stashed away in the freezer, and he couldn’t pull off his perfect proposal without it! After they got back home, Neelima immediately changed into her pajamas and got ready for bed. Naveen then had to convince her to dig into some ice cream AFTER already having brushed her teeth (though let’s be real, a true ice cream buff doesn’t need much convincing). When Neelima opened up the ice cream, she was surprised to find a shiny ring inside waiting for her!

The power couple tied the knot last year in Houston, and are now happily settled together in Baton Rouge! #OnceUponADilMil

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