How This 3-Date Rule Led to a Happily Ever After


Utsav and Rani swiped right on each other while they both lived in Seattle, not knowing that they lived just a mile apart from each other for two whole years without ever meeting! They went out for a casual pizza and beer for their first date, and neither of them thought much of it in the moment. A month went by and all of a sudden, Utsav reached out “just because” and asked if Rani wanted to grab breakfast. She said yes because of her 3 date rule: 

“Go on 3 dates with someone until you decide to call it quits — unless there’s a major red flag on the first date — really understanding someone doesn’t happen over just one date.”

They went on this 2nd date, and then a 3rd, but each one went by as uneventfully as the first. They thought they might just end up being good friends, and Rani was ready to call it. Then one day, Utsav suggested they take a mini-road trip an hour south of Seattle to a wolf rehabilitation sanctuary. Intrigued, Rani decided to give this one last chance, and that she would end it if things didn’t progress after this 4th date. 

A little bit of alone time in the car was all it took for Utsav’s personality and humor to shine through. That day they saw wolves, clicked some great photos, took detours through small towns, had their first kiss, and cooked dinner (he cooked!) – after that magical date there was no going back, and they have spent every day together since.

Eventually, both Rani and Utsav independently made the move to New York, and after dating for two years, they decided to move in together. At this point Rani thought they may be heading towards a proposal soon, but was 50/50 on the timing. They had a trip to Maine coming up and she thought it might happen then, but her friend convinced her nothing was going on. Completely oblivious to what was about to happen, Rani got ready for a bright and early outing to see the sunrise. They stopped by a pond to take a photo, and Utsav asked a couple to take their picture. Before she knew it, he was down on one knee. She had always wanted a private proposal, so the moment couldn’t have been more perfect. They spent the next two hours on a romantic hike with no signal and took this time to enjoy the special moment together.

The happy couple had to postpone their wedding to Spring of 2021 due to COVID-19, but nonetheless we can’t wait for them to get hitched and spend the rest of their lives together! #OnceUponaDilMil 

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