March 2023 Horoscopes: Welcome to Spring!


Happy March, Dil Mil fam! As we enter Spring, chances are you’re ready to ditch dead nature and snow to embrace blooming flowers and sunshine! It’s a pivotal time to step into a more fast-paced life and step away from reflection and into action (Aries, you’ll know exactly what we mean as you step into your own birthday season by the end of the month).

While it’s also the beginning of Spring, it’s also primarily Pisces season! Expect to be submerged in your subconscious this month. Shit’s about to get real deep, and we’re here for it! What else do you have coming up for you during this transitional time? Keep on reading.


If you’re thinking about domestic life and your relationship with it, Aries, don’t worry – you’re definitely not tripping. March brings thoughts and emotions around how domestic life functions for you – and a major sense of renewal around how your home feels for you. If you’ve been feeling a little out of the loop and out of control, don’t worry. That’s exactly the plan. There’s a gap you’ll be filling in your own spirituality this month, So, turn on your favourite NFAK playlist, sprinkle a little bit of Drake in between ghazals, grab a journal and let yourself express the universe that lives inside you.


Spring is asking you to SLOWWWW DOWWWWN, dear Taurus. February had you fluttering around and getting things done. You’ve also been the centre of attention in a lot of situations and circumstances – which may have depleted your energy. This month, it’s time to kick back and retreat a little into yourself. In classic Taurus fashion, let yourself relax a little bit and lean into the things you desire to do for yourself. It’s time to clear out the emotional baggage around romance, friendships, your goals, career and aspirations (nbd right?!) and step into who you feel you’re meant to be.


This month brings things like reputation to the forefront for you, dear Gemini. This is a great month for your career – business looks like it’s going to skyrocket but the most important thing to remember with this is presenting yourself in ways that are accurate to who you are. We promise, you won’t be rejected for being yourself. Expect to rekindle a sense of romance in your life by the end of the month as well. Big things are in store, and for you to receive them as best as you can, it’s time to buck up and be who you’re meant to be.

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March is full of luck for you, Cancer! With Pisces being a fellow water sign, you’re not in uncharted emotional territory. Your baggage to let go of this month is the past – so leave it where it belongs. Ever the socialiser, you’ll be focussed on your friendships and social life this month, too. Embrace the emotions and unpredictability of the month to get through it successfully. Big emotions are your thing, so let yourself live your Yash Raj dreams as you navigate the month.


This month is all about balance for you, dear lion. It seems like everything and everyone needs your attention, which is exactly how you like things to be – except this month, you’re more driven to independently getting things done and accomplishing your goals. If you’re in a bind, take a break – whether it’s an impromptu romantic getaway or if you just disconnect for a few days at home, you’ll find this will help you unwind and that the universe is there to fully support you in solving any problems.

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This month is active for you, dear Virgo! You’re full speed ahead on all fronts after a relaxing few months full of internal renewal. Expect things to skyrocket in your career, and for flourishing activity in your romantic life. If you haven’t been moving your body these past few months, now is the perfect time to get back into any sort of physical activity as the world warms up. Things are looking up, and we couldn’t be happier for you! 


Ah, Libra. Your symbology is the scales, and this month will test your sense of balance more than ever. Forget about displeasing and pleasing people this month and focus on you as you start to look at what your personal legacy looks like. Needless to say, patience and diligence are key traits to help you get through the month. You’ll find yourself immersed in your work, and rightly so! Avoid distractions (does dating really count as a distraction for Libras? The answer is lolol no, please proceed) as you buckle up and focus on yourself. You’ll find yourself shining, and the fruits of your labour will pay off.


You’ve been working way too hard these past few months, Scorpio. Spring and Pisces season invite you to take time out to remember what it’s like to be playful again. You’re all set for 90s Prem pranks and a little bit of innocence. Just like Cancer, you’re thriving in Pisces season in part of its watery ways. Channel your inner creative and artist as you disconnect from and release all of the things that have been weighing you down. There’s a beautiful world inside of you – one of the likes of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film. Let it out and dive deep into who you are this month.

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Ever the freedom seeker, you’re thinking about your personal freedom this month, Sagittarius! Life will be bursting at the seams with friends and family – this month, you’re looking at not only revisiting and reflecting on your personal relationships with friends and family, but, by the end of the month, you’ll also have collected a few interesting characters into your daily routine. Be careful not to distract yourself with people because you feel lonely, though, Sagittarius. There is a difference between feeling lonely and mastering solitude. 

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February was YOUR month, dear Capricorn. As you delved into so many new and different adventures, you may have sacrificed the routine you thrive under a little bit. We bring happy news – this month is one for you to hunker down and fix anything that has been distracting your routine. If you’ve been absent-minded these past few months, Pisces season comes to correct that for you. You’re all about being intentional in your existence this month – so expect this to also trickle through in your love life!

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Your birthday season just ended, dear Aquarius! This month you’re learning to balance other people’s perception of you and your own impossible, and otherworldly standards. So, if you’re on those dating apps and looking for love, our advice is to accept the love and compliments coming your way – just because they may not be what you identify with, doesn’t mean they aren’t coming from a good place. This month, you’re preparing for a new beginning, too. Expect love, peace, friendship and abundance – but don’t forget to be appreciative and kind as you rightfully receive your blessings.

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Ah, Pisces. This is your season! Chances are you’ll be celebrating your birthday throughout the month. These last few seasons (and perhaps, years) have been a challenge for you. This month is all about clearing the cobwebs and dead ends. Spring serves as a reminder that you can move along in your life to embrace all of the beauty and wonder life has to offer. At the same time, it’s totally possible to work on anything that is weighing you down. This is the perfect time for you to also put some action towards what you need in your romantic life – if you’re looking for commitment, start focussing on and validating what you need. You deserve to feel as confident as the lead hero(ine) in a Karan Johar film, so let yourself shine and own all of the amazing things you have to offer, dear Pisces!

Good luck in love this month and we’ll see you in April, Dil Mil fam!

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