Niti & Jay

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Almost one year ago, my Fiancé (Jay) and I found each other on Dil Mil. I am from New Jersey and he lives in Pennsylvania. At first I wasn’t sure how the long distance (not really but still) was going to work especially because I have school every other weekend along with full time job. We talked through Dil Mil for a month before we finally decided to meet each other on Memorial day last year. I knew he was tall but to really see a 6’3 guy stand next to you made you feel like a midget when you’re only 5’1! He took me to Penn’s Landing in Philly and it was the best date of my life! We never thought we would come this close to each other in 6 months where we would decide to spend rest of our lives together forever. He proposed to me on April 30th 2016 on top of the Franklin Institute in Philly and we are getting married next year in July!

Thank you so much for creating this app and giving people like us an opportunity to find our happy ever after.

- Niti

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