October 2021 Horoscopes: Spooky Season is Here


Are you going to find your boo? Or maybe just avoid getting ghosted or ghosting…

You don’t need to read this monthly horoscope to know that Mercury is DEFINITELY in retrograde right now. I don’t know about you, but we’ve already had 10 things go wrong this week. Keep an eye out for the classics — you’ll be tempted to make all the wrong choices like getting back with an ex you should be avoiding, cheating on your healthy meal plan that you’ve been following for months, or snapping at a well-intentioned friend or family member. You’re probably also going to have at least 5 aunties ask you why you’re not getting married yet over the next couple of weeks.

While sometimes these retrograde periods can feel like they have you spinning out of control, it’s important to recognize and take conscious steps towards countering the bad juju out there. And fear not! Once we get out of a couple of weeks of funk, things will be looking up. You’ll feel a burst of fresh energy towards the end of the month as we head into Scorpio season and holiday festivities like Halloween. Read on to see what this month has in store for you!


Your impulsive nature is what makes you the life of the party — you’re always down for an adventure and for trying new things. But it’s also what most often gets you in trouble. Be careful about heated arguments with friends and family this month — you might end up saying a few things that you’ll regret, and it’ll take time to recover and mend those bridges. Respect those around you, and invest in the relationships that matter!


You haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, and that’s because you are burned out. Your usual overachiever nature is catching up to itself and your body and mind are going to beg you for some rest this month. This is a critical time to pause and rest, and a short recovery period will help you in the long run.


This retrograde is messing with your friendships. You may be feeling extra sensitive to the ways friends are treating you or communicating with you lately, and this will make you want to pull away. Instead of retreating away, double down and put some effort into your friendships that need some TLC. Don’t let this retrograde get the best of you!


If you do nothing else, teach yourself to pause and take a deep breath before reacting to situations this month. There’s a lot that’s going to be thrown at you this month, and it’s the only way you’re going to get through it all. Download a meditation app, go on a daily walk, and just do whatever you have to in order to stay sane and find pockets of peace in your daily routine.


Sometimes, it’s okay to just coast. You can’t run at 150% all the time, and if you’re tired, just show up the best way you can every day. If that’s all you have capacity for, then so be it. Take this month to recharge and reflect on what else you want to achieve and close out on this year. It’s going to be 2022 before you know it!


This retrograde is affecting your bank account. Your spending might be getting out of control, and it’s time to get things in check. What would your parents say if they saw your weekend bar tab?? Channel your children of immigrants’ energy and save up for the next month, and get yourself back into a solid routine. Go make some daal for once.


Mercury in retrograde impacts us all in different ways, and for you Libra, it is completely messing up your love life! You’ll find yourself overthinking things, and hesitating to commit even when you really like someone! It’s time to make a decision and take a chance on love. If you don’t lean in now, you might miss out on what could be the start of something truly amazing.


What a way to head into birthday month, Scorpios! This retrograde will have you in a total funk through the start of the month, but you’ll be back in full spirits by the time birthday festivities come around. Don’t be afraid to be a little self-indulgent — it’s almost your birthday and you deserve that spa day, all the ice cream in the world, and some quality time off just for yourself.


Summer has flown by but as things start to slow down, some buried emotions will surface for you and you’ll be forced to deal with your feelings. It’s time to take charge of your emotions and take actionable steps to address what you’re feeling! You might be feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, and maybe it’s time to start thinking about your next move at work. Or maybe it’s a literal move across the country to a new city!


Work has been a little dramatic lately, and you may be caught between quarreling coworkers. You’re being forced to take sides when you’d rather be Switzerland, and it’s making you want to skip work all together. In times like this, just remember that your job isn’t your entire life. Take a step away and focus your energy


Your group of friends needs you! You’ve been having a hard time staying in touch lately with everyone’s schedules going totally crazy with post-pandemic engagements and weddings. Your crew just needs a good organizer to bring you together before everyone disappears before the holidays. Luckily this is your superpower, so start planning!


You’ve been feeling your boundaries get crossed by friends and family recently, but you’ve been too scared to say anything. Remember that you have to take care of yourself before you can truly help others. Stop avoiding therapy and spend some time reflecting on your progress.

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