She Ran Away In Horror From Her Own Proposal!

She Ran Away In Horror From Her Own Proposal!

Parag decided to jump on Dil Mil because he was looking to marry a South Asian with the same background as him and who, more importantly, was like minded. Sweta, on the other hand, learned about Dil Mil through her little brother, who urged her to try it! She had taken a year off from dating, enjoyed the wonders of being single, and decided she would like to give romance a chance again. In early 2019, Sweta created a profile and began her journey of swiping. Not long after, Sweta came across this guy who intrigued her: he had a witty profile, was good looking, definitely a great dresser, seemed fun and had a warm, inviting smile that made her swipe right!

When Sweta and Parag matched, Sweta was living in Texas while Parag was in New York City. Initially, they both conversed about being foodies which sparked an immediate connection. Although the first interaction didn’t end too well, Parag called Sweta again the next day (and earned the nickname “NY” from her friends). After 6 weeks of nonstop conversation, the duo decided to meet for the first time in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sweta flew in later than Parag and was surprised to see that he had already picked up some Thai food for their meal – her favorite! The duo’s first encounter was casual; they watched basketball together & finished all the takeout. Shortly after, they decided to go to a cocktail bar, where they continued their conversation & got to know each other more. That weekend they explored the Coca-Cola Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, and the Georgia Aquarium really making their way around the city. After a successful first date weekend involving tons of food, great cocktails, wholesome conversations, a mutual willingness to try new things, and an overall strong connection, Sweta and Parag decided that they would meet up to explore different cities every couple of months!

The best part of Sweta and Parag’s dating journey has been getting to know each other and gradually realizing that they had found the one. COVID definitely brought difficulties, but ultimately strengthened their relationship by helping them cherish their time together even more.  

In October 2021, Sweta flew to NYC to explore an immersive Halloween haunted house cocktail party. This felt no different than the numerous other times Sweta travelled to New York City to visit Parag. Weeks prior to the event, Parag sent Sweta a website delineating the entire cocktail party – including the dress code and drink options at the event. Sweta was particularly excited because she was a die-hard horror anything fan. On the morning of the event, Sweta and Parag took a nice stroll through Queens, and enjoyed Thai food (no surprises), before getting ready for the event! Wearing matching outfits, the couple got ready for the drive to Manhattan! Sweta fell asleep along the way, and upon their arrival, was surprised to be outside of a swanky hotel in Soho. Sweta asked Parag if it was normal to hold a haunted house event in a hotel, to which Parag responded “yes, it is NYC!”  Sweta thought nothing of this response and was excited for what was to come.

Parag & Sweta then entered the lobby, received a key, and went up the elevator. Parag was quiet, and Sweta didn’t feel anything was off as she was still waking up! When they entered the hallway, it was quiet. Sweta expressed they were on the wrong floor, but Parag reassured her and guided her to the corner suite. When he opened the door, Sweta was confused to see white, red and pink rose petals making a pathway to the balcony to greet her. Sweta thought they were in the wrong room, mortified – she bolted, compelling Parag to run after her.

He caught up to her and locked his arm in hers to ensure she didn’t run away again, while reassuring her about the room and guiding her back. When they reentered, Parag explained the various pictures of them placed along the pathway of rose petals as he walked her down it. Each picture was significant to Parag and represented many important parts of their relationship. Parag then took Sweta to the balcony, got down on one knee, and proposed to her. Still in shock, it took Sweta a few seconds to realize what was happening before she said “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Although she was curious about the immersive haunted house, Sweta traded it in for the night of her dreams with her one and only!

Sweta tried to video call her dad to share the news, but he didn’t pick up. Instead, her entire family walked into the room moments later! Parag knew how important Sweta’s family was to her and made sure they were there, along with his own family, for the proposal. They all went to a family dinner together after and were surprised by 30 of their friends for a party to end the night!

The couple tied the knot in November 2022 in Texas! The wedding had many wonderful, fun moments, but some of the most memorable were a messy Haldi event, Sweta’s iconic Mehndi dress, a Sangeet street fair/dances, the baraat, stealing Parag’s shoes, and the Reception dances! Parag and Sweta are currently happily married and living in NYC; They just bought a home and are excited to start their lives together. They both love it in NYC and continue to explore the city together!

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