She Was Late To The Date, He Already Had A Flight Back Home!

She Was Late To The Date, He Already Had A Flight Back Home!

Vineeta and Kush had both just come out of failed relationships. Their learnings made them individually realise that they were looking for someone who shared the same values and outlook in life as them. With the Pandemic keeping them home, they both decided to hop on Dil Mil, feeling they really had nothing to lose. 

When Vineeta swiped on Kush, the first thing he said was, “OMG, I think I’m in love.” Although she found it a bit cheesy, it was funny and cute enough to keep Vineeta intrigued, giving him an advantage. At the time, Vineeta lived in New York, while Kush was in Chicago, so, in typical fashion of long distance, they decided to move the conversation from texting to Facetime. Things moved quickly, and the duo decided to meet up. So, three weeks from their first conversation, Kush booked a flight to New York to see Vineeta! Prior to their first date, the duo agreed they’d be honest and transparent with each other – if they didn’t enjoy each other’s company or the time they were going to spend with each other, they’d honestly let each other know so as not to waste each other’s time. In fact, Kush even booked a flight back to Chicago for the same night just in case things didn’t go so well. Luckily, the opposite happened! The duo’s first date went so well that Kush ended up extending his trip by two more days!

When Kush and Vineeta first met, Vineeta missed the exit to the airport because she was so nervous! She ended up being 20 minutes late to pick Kush up, something of which he still makes fun of her to this day! But, within ten minutes of meeting each other, Kush and Vineeta both felt like they had found their long lost best friend. The distance was probably the hardest part of the dating journey for the couple, especially with the experience of navigating communication issues as individuals and in past relationships, yet, at the same time, the distance has also been comforting, allowing them to grow together.

Before the proposal, Vineeta flew to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate Kush’s mom’s 60th birthday. At this point, Vineeta was expecting a proposal from Kush, but was expecting it to coincide with her birthday. Sticking to his nature, Kush fake proposed 5 times over the entire weekend. The prank started at Chicago airport, where Kush faked a proposal by faking that he was trying his shoe. The next prank was following Vineeta with a ring shaped balloon and so on until Vineeta was finally frustrated by the experience. Then, Kush asked Vineeta to enter his office to help him take his blazer off. When she entered the office, she was greeted by a pathway of rose petals and balloons that read, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Of course, Vineeta thought this was a prank, until Kush bent on one knee and presented a ring. Excited, Vineeta accepted, and the next day, the newly engaged couple walked into Kush’s mother’s birthday party with greetings from Vineeta’s parents, who flew in to celebrate the engagement!

Vineeta and Kush’s wedding happened in Cancün, Mexico. They were greeted by 180 of their closest friends and family members. They had 5 wedding events, including a cocktail reception on a rooftop at sunset, a haldi ceremony on the beach, where Kush lifted Vineeta and ran into the ocean with her, a Sangeet party under the stars with loads of Bollywood-style performances, the wedding and a beautiful reception. Vineeta and Kush’s first dance was to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Diana Ross and The Supremes, but the Lauryn Hill remix, a song that would always come on when Kush would drop Vineeta off to the airport in Chicago.

Now, Vineeta and Kush are happily married and starting a new life together! Talk about taking second chances on love!

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