That Bollywood Kinda Ishq Waala Love

That Bollywood Kinda Ishq Waala Love

Vivek and Archie had very different reasons for signing up for Dil Mil. For Archie, she wanted to see if there were any normal people on the app meanwhile Vivek intended to find someone complete, wholesome, and basically his happily ever after. As fate would have it, they found each other! The duo talked for two weeks on Dil Mil before they decided to meet up and see if the other person was the real deal. While they were in the talking stage before their first date, they were glued to their phones and they both felt they actually couldn’t get any work done because the conversations were intriguing and unique – something they both appreciated. Right off the bat, it was deep and serious rather than flirty and frivolous! Archie could tell that Vivek was looking for something sincere and significant based on the conversations and his quick response time, both of which she greatly appreciated!

By the time their first date rolled around, Archie and Vivek were confident that it would go well. So much so, that Archie felt completely confident in Vivek planning the whole thing. They decided to meet in an urban park in Toronto called Evergreen Brick Works, where they hiked up to a lookout point to enjoy the view. Next came a dinner in Yorkville – where there was more talking and less eating. The third date included some hand holding while walking along a Pier to view the Toronto skyline. Here is when Vivek looked at Archie and declared, “you’re my hooman now!” and of course, that date went down in history! 

The best part about dating for the duo has been spending time with each other and learning about each other’s hobbies and interests. The strongest aspect of their relationship has been to be able to effectively communicate and solve their problems right away through solid communication. They can go as deep as being able to have conversations about what their highest self looks like and be non-judgemental about it. This has helped them become a lot closer. 

Vivek and Archie both knew that the other person was the one from the get go. In fact, from the beginning, they were very aware of each other and that their dynamic would work well. They felt they could be themselves, be mature, and also, balance that with their inner child. They also compliment each other’s weaknesses – if one of them wasn’t vocal, the other was, all in all, balancing each other out, where one person understood and made space for the other, no matter how they perceived themselves. 

Vivek proposed to Archie on December 12, 2020. Just like the first date, Vivek had meticulously planned the proposal as well. It consisted of writing 3 very important relationship milestones on 3 different cards, as well as surprises, movie dialogues and charades all planned out. He invited all of Archie’s friends and did a dance to her favourite songs, rolled out a red carpet with rose petals and all – and of course, the grandiose proposal included a “Marry Me” sign. He gave no hints, and planned every detail well. Of course, Archie said yes.

Vivek and Archie tied the knot and began their happily ever after in May 2022 in Toronto. They blended family rituals together to truly make their wedding one of a kind and their own. Vivek’s love of dance was seen throughout the entire wedding – he in fact, had a whole Bollywood themed Sangeet Party. For Archie, she wanted to do a collective Mehendi Party for the bride and the groom’s families – she surprised Vivek with a surprise dance, of course, which had him teary-eyed because she had only started to dance when they started dating. Of course, this means that they’ve started a wonderful new beginning together, laughing, playing, delving in deep conversations and all else.

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