The Perfect Proposal


Setting up the filters for her “ideal man” as Soniya first signed up for Dil Mil, she didn’t think her perfect guy would actually come out of it. Little did she know, she was soon talking to the guy of her dreams and her future husband. Roheet & Soniya matched with an instant connection, and they’ve been inseparable since their first date at a waffle cafe. In fact, they were both laughing so much on their first date that they definitely thought they might be kicked out of the restaurant, but thankfully they weren’t.

Roheet knew he wanted his proposal to Soniya to be special and meaningful, and it was exactly that, if not more. The theme of the proposal was “transformation” – he wanted to capture all the ways that they had transformed their lives and grown together, celebrate their individual growth, and what transformations their future yet holds for the two of them together. Essentially, Roheet proposed the idea of growing together forever. <3


Deyla Huss Photography



Preparations had begun some months in advance, including coordination of the place, photographer, decor, and most importantly, making sure that all of the important people in Soniya’s life were able to fly in for the special moment for her. Soniya of course had no idea that any of this was happening. 

Deyla Huss Photography

The day of the proposal, Soniya was told that there was an important dinner date she had to attend to celebrate one of her friends’s birthday. As the friend who was driving her pulled into a forest and asked her to change into flats to walk along a path, she knew something else was going on, but she never expected to experience so many emotions along a simple walk. 

At every stop of the walk, she was greeted by a group of people who were very important to her during a certain part of her life. Each group had written her a letter, which she read as she walked through the path. She was surprised with friends from college, friends from medical school, and at the very end before she met Roheet, both of their families. 

She proceeded to the deck area, passing twinkling lights and photo memories of the both of them together, to finally meet Roheet, waiting for her with a string quartet playing in the background. Roheet said the magical words, and of course she accepted. The two have been together for over 2 years now, and we can’t wait for them to spend the rest of their lives together. Check out their incredible proposal video below! #OnceUponaDilMil

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