They Fell for Each Other in a Trader Joe’s Aisle


Swapna and Bobby met on Dil Mil in April 2016 while they were both living in D.C. Their conversation started off as most online matches do, with Bobby kicking things off with a few generic questions for Swapna. Swapna was not a big fan of texting back-and-forth and preferred the IRL dating experience, so she decided to go in for the kill early. A few messages in, she asked if Bobby would want to meet up the following Sunday. Swapna’s initiative intrigued Bobby, and made him even more interested in getting to know her.

Swapna was attending a wedding all weekend before she met up with Bobby, and even remembers sending him a video of the wedding ceremony when Bobby checked in the day before their date. Swapna was exhausted after the wedding and almost rescheduled the date since she didn’t think it was likely for it to go anywhere, but luckily sucked it up and went over to meet him. Little did she know that their conversation with each other would flow so well and that they would instantly click. Their first date was a blast and they had a ton of fun just opening up and getting to know each other.

Bobby wanted to meet up again a few days later, and offered to grill and BBQ for Swapna. Swapna had also mentioned that she needed to go grocery shopping that day (and that she LOVED grocery shopping and was obsessed with Trader Joe’s). Bobby found this fascinating, so not only did he offer to cook for her, but he also offered to first take her grocery shopping as part of their date! It’s not everyday that a guy willingly goes to the grocery store with his girl, but doing this allowed Bobby to really see Swapna in her element, and made him fall even harder.

They knew they’d found their life partners when they realized how easy the relationship was for the both of them. There were absolutely no games, and conversations flowed easily. They could totally be themselves without second guessing if they sounded weird or crazy, and found that to be so refreshing.

The adorable couple got married in 2019 Wedding was October 5, 2019 at Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, VA, aka the SAME venue Swapna was at the weekend she met Bobby for their first date. Talk about destiny!

The happy couple has a parting piece of advice for others who are looking for love and exploring dating apps: We think everyone’s love story is different. It takes patience and trust. It didn’t seem natural to meet on an app, but I think if you connect, take a leap of faith to meet as soon as possible, if you have the chance, so you can take away all the awkwardness and see how both people are in person. #OnceUponADilMil

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