When You Know, You Just Know.. Talk About Soulmates!

When You Know, You Just Know.. Talk About Soulmates!

Juskiren and Jaspreet both got on Dil Mil in the UK to find their special someone online. During the time of COVID-19, quarantining, and social distancing, they felt this was truly the only way to meet someone.

Shortly after, they matched and started talking. On their first date, Juskiren found herself to be extremely nervous. They had decided to meet at a local Nandos in a shopping centre halfway between them. The date was very casual and easygoing. There was no pressure from either of them, and Juskiren instantly knew Jaspreet was the one. She already liked his personality so much while talking to him online, and seeing him in person just confirmed that he was the one for her.

Juskiren noticed that Jaspreet was extremely humble, honest and open – something she found striking, and to her, was very rare in her experience. Jaspreet didn’t brag or big up himself. On their first date, she found that Jaspreet was open to talk about things that most people wouldn’t speak about on their first date. They clicked well.

Juskiren and Jaspreet’s dating journey was rather simple and old school. Considering it occurred through the COVID-19 Pandemic, there were several restrictions which didn’t leave them with too many places to go out to. Additionally, Jaspreet and Juskiren’s schedules were also totally misaligned cause he worked most weekends and it didn’t help that their homes were rather far from each other, leaving no scope for spontaneity.. They would try their best, and really have to plan things but would be able to meet only as often as once a month. Believe it or not, before they got married, they actually only met about 10 times and knew each other for less than a year – but, hey, when you know, you know!

Since both hail from traditional Sikh families, the proposal included his family going over to her house and setting the date together. In today’s day and age of splashy & viral proposals around the globe involving big gestures, they decided to keep it intimate and follow the  time-honoured tradition of having the elders of the house involved. Juskiren really appreciated how close Jaspreet and his family were to Punjabi values and culture. The couple tied the knot in Birmingham, UK on November 27th, 2021, and just celebrated their second anniversary. Talk about soulmates!

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