Why Dating is the Worst & Best Thing at the Same Time


So, you’ve probably realized that you’re the first in countless generations of your family to be dating. Like, actually dating. No arranged marriages, no meeting people for the first time at the wedding altar like the endless scary stories our aunts and uncles have shared with us.

But trust us, even though we don’t want arranged marriages, dating is HARD. We get you! So, in solidarity of #teamsingle, here are 4 reasons why dating is the worst and best thing at the same time.

Reason #1: Dating successfully means bringing home a partner to your family

We forget dating means setting your life on your terms. Dating includes meeting new people, and creating a relationship dynamic together. Whether you realize it or not, this whole process helps you discover more about yourself, and your needs in a relationship. After all, how are you gonna grow as a person if you don’t learn about what you want in a relationship?

So, put the family introduction on the back burner, take a deep breath and focus on yourself. You’ll be a lot more successful at what you’re trying to do this way.

Reason #2: You have a life plan all figured out, the last thing is actually finding a partner to live it with you

Don’t get us wrong – goals are good, and we need them to progress in life. However, when you’re entirely fixated on a goal, you miss out on key things. You let red flags slide. You start to compromise on compatibility in lifestyle and value systems. Don’t settle because you want to get married by a certain age, or have kids by a certain age either. Allow yourself to have fun, learn about what’s best for you, and learn to be and have a good partner. It will all flow if you let go of the reins a little.

Reason #3: Fear of heartbreak

Ah, yes. Good ol’ heartbreak. No matter how many Bollywood movies and songs are made about it, they will never truly sum up how bad it hurts. 

Yes. Breakups absolutely suck. Getting attached to someone is such a risk because we never know what will happen and if the futures of our relationships are actually secure. But, by fearing heartbreak, you’re missing out on finding what you’re looking for. Not only that, you’re also missing out on hella fun opportunities to meet new people!

So, put yourself out there anyway. Doing so will make you a stronger person in the long run.

Reason #4: Dating is hard af in these unpredictable times

Our news feeds are riddled with scary news. Climate change, COVID-19, and everything else that makes the daily news isn’t exactly the best or most romantic first date conversation. So, how do you even stay optimistic about finding the one?

Easy. By living in the moment. Yes, the future is unpredictable, so try to live in the moment – here and now. Don’t hide behind bad news. Create your own good news. So whether it’s about finding a romantic partner for now, or to take into the future with you, remain open and remain honest. Soon enough, you’ll find the Rahul or Anjali you’ve been looking for.

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