Why You Should Wear Pants on Your Next Date


“I always wear pants or jeans because you gotta prepare for anything…you know? Like it’s a date. What if you go on an adventure & climb a fence? Can’t do that in a dress…you need jeans.” – @soniarathee 😅

Sonia is a dancer, actress, and shower singer from San Diego, CA. She’s showing us her simple look for a date night & talking all things practicality when it comes to dating…all #StraightfromtheDil. 😂💕 Check it out below!

Sonia talks about how it’s okay to be yourself and always stay true to you when you’re going on dates. When the right person comes along, they’ll definitely appreciate you for who you are. 🙂 So put your best self out there, put on some jeans, and go on a date!

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