Within 24hrs Of Matching, They Already Had Their First Date Planned!

Within 24hrs Of Matching, They Already Had Their First Date Planned!

Kesha was on and off of Dil Mil for two years, but she hadn’t found the man of her dreams yet. Kishan had just downloaded Dil Mil after having woken up one fine morning to realise that he was ready to settle down, but he didn’t want his parents to be filling a biodata and all that jazz for him – he wanted the autonomy of dating in his own way. As fate and the Algorithm Gods would have it, Kesha and Kishan ended up matching not too long after Kishan downloaded the app.

Upon their first interaction, Kishan had taken a liking to Kesha. He asked her out on a date within 24 hours of texting each other. The duo decided to set a date two weeks away – giving Kesha the time to suss out whether Kishan was just another creep or the real deal. Big claims galore though – Kesha and Kishan ended up FaceTiming each other day and night leading up to their first date – so much so that they had to put some boundaries and parameters in place in order to ensure they were getting the sleep they needed! 

Although Kesha was originally in New York at the time, while Kishan was in Maryland, the both of them decided to meet up in the midpoint that was New Jersey for their first date. Kishan proposed TopGolf for their first date, but there were hours until their reservation. So, Kesha proposed axe throwing to kill the time – and to play on the competitive streak they both had in common. Kesha to this day claims beginner’s luck for Kishan on the axe throwing and that golf is his forte. Nonetheless, the two hit it off immensely and ended the date with a kiss just outside Top Golf.

After that, Kishan and Kesha kept meeting each other for more dates in different cities. For Kesha, she got to explore the States while dating Kishan. She had never been to Philadelphia nor Miami nor Delaware before – three places they both decided to meet up at. It was easy for the duo to travel and enjoy exploring new places and foods together due to Kesha’s career as a teacher – she automatically got holidays off of work, which helped Kishan coordinate long-distance, too. 

For Kesha, she knew Kishan was the one on their third date. The duo were preparing for Thanksgiving together in Delaware, which included a relaxed night at Kishan’s house – and immaculate vibes. Being able to enjoy her time so immensely with Kishan and feeling so comfortable around him helped Kesha discover this. Meanwhile, for Kishan, Kesha became his person. She didn’t judge him for his past and his mistakes – rather, she helped him become the best version of himself. He found motivation to go back to school and pursue his dreams. For Kishan, he asked Kesha to be his girlfriend on the second date because he wanted Kesha to be his end game. He knew he found the one.

Fast forward to a year later, and Kesha and Kishan found themselves meeting up in Philly. Kesha knew something was fishy about the entire thing. For one, Kishan had proposed the meet up with the premise of a client photoshoot – suggesting one for Kesha, too, that included an outfit change. Then, he also planned an entire romantic evening, which included wine on a rooftop, which was Kesha’s favourite thing. The cat was almost let out of the bag when Kesha ran into her cousins at the local Dave & Busters – but she went with the flow. By the end of night, Kesha expected the proposal to be at the rooftop. However, it wasn’t until the couple ended their photoshoot at Pier’s Landing. Much to Kesha’s surprise, there emerged 50 of her closest friends and family members – leaving an element of surprise and magic to the entire proposal, even if she had a hunch!

The duo ended up tying the knot and solidifying their forever relationship in July 2022. Talk about a Dil Mil ever after!

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