Your 2022 Holiday Horoscopes

Your 2022 Holiday Horoscopes

Happy Holidays, Dil Mil fam! There is nothing more exhilarating and exciting than ending off a year in the post Pandemic world with a little bit of holiday cheer. Wooden fires, dazzling lights, cold nights, and warm hearts constitute a few of many different core memories that come with December’s bustling holiday season. Can these warm hearts also include a little bit of love? Hmmm… Let’s see.

What does December have in store for you? Read on below.


Connections and relationships are strong for you this month, Aries! December includes sooo many opportunities to connect with people – be it romantically or even mentorship-wise (maybe you’ll find a cutie who can be both for you!) This month, you’ll be thinking about your long-term plans (we are shooketh for you) and looking at what you really want in life. Are you truly living out your wildest brown girl Bollywood dreams, Aries? Now’s the time to reevaluate and align to things that feel right for you. You’ll reap rewards of recognition, and experience lots of healing in your relationships before the end of the new year – talk about zindagi ek safar hai suhana!


You’re all about community and connection this month, dear Taurus! This is a magical time for you to connect with new people. Not only will you be signing new deals (get that bag, girl!) but also, this month is one that you’ll find yourself to be confident enough to ask out your crush! Don’t have a crush? Don’t worry – you’re feeling bold and daring this month, so, be open to magical encounters at the most random places (yes, the iconic bumping into someone special at the grocery store is very much on the table, lucky Taurus!) Honour your boundaries and expand your horizons, Taurus, it’s your time to shine!


This month is all about aligning with your dreams, Gemini! You’re gearing up to release old paradigms, including the ways you think and perceive this world. This month, you’ll find yourself romanticising your life – a much needed mentality to adopt after a heavy year. Go out there and enjoy your life – romance yourself, connect with new people, and wish for your wildest dreams to come true. December is all about the ever classic solo heroine intro songs for you – think Preity Zinta in Veer-Zaara or Kajol in DDLJ. You’ll find yourself heavily in the dreaming stage, imagining what you’d like from life in 2023. This month, you’ll be meeting inspiring, powerful, passionate, creative people who understand you for you. Anything can happen, even within your love life, so keep your heart open, even if it’s a little guarded dear Gemini!


This month is also about dreaming big for you, Cancer. December 2022 is going to vaguely follow the script of a picturesque Bollywood movie – filmed at a stunning travel destination and full of hope, romance, and big emotions. This month, you are quite literally able to sit back, reflect and see what you need to do to change your life. And then, you’ll find yourself doing it! You’ll also find yourself receiving a lot of support – so if you’re on the lookout for a new partner, be sure to think about how you’d like a partner to support you during this stage in your life (and how you can support a partner!)


December includes the bustle of the holiday season, but it also includes a lot of kicking back in cozy socks, with some hot chocolate, and watching an endless stream of Christmas movies on Netflix. For you, this month, dear Virgo, this is MOOD. You’re going inward this month, choosing to stay in the warmth of heat during this cold month. You’ll find yourself focussing on creativity and passion projects. In the midst of all this, thanks to the stars, you’re open to love. You’ll find yourself asking yourself what you really want from your love life. And you’ll manifest it!


As social as you are, Libra, this month will be all about social events – and you’ll be sure to attend all of them! This month, you’re thinking about commitment and how that looks like for you. And there will be plenty of social opportunities to meet or take a potential bae to should you wish to pursue something a little more serious. Does this mean you’ll be bringing an SO to your annual cousin’s Secret Santa? Who knows! Miracles do happen during Christmas. Think of everything that makes you feel oozy, gooey, safe and warm this month. If that means skipping out on playing a particular social role, or a holiday plan or two, that’s completely okay. 


This month, you’re still reeling from all of the eclipses that have occurred this past year (and especially, the more recent ones that occurred during Scorpio season). Take your time coming out of your shell this month, dear Scorpio, as you’re doing a lot of inner work on redefining your inner modes of expression and outer comfort zones. This month holds plenty of opportunities for romance, as intense as you are, you always find yourself to be admired by many suitors. Go at your own pace – the most beautiful love stories stem from alchemy.


Happy birthday, Sagittarius! True to yourself, you’re going deeper to ask yourself all the philosophical questions that rule your life – what are your personal goals, hopes, and dreams? This time, you’re coming up with a plan to achieve them all (and quick reminder, you CAN achieve them all!) This month, you’re thinking about dating boundaries – what is comfortable for you, and what isn’t. Things are starting to align in your life, and you’re thinking about the shifts you need to make in order to manifest the right partner for you right now. Take a risk, go online, find a date, and let yourself go with the flow. It will all align!


Happy birthday to you too, Capricorn! Your season is just around the corner, and with it comes so many mystical moments. This month, you’ll find yourself as grounded and stable as always, but with a few dreamy planets orbiting around, you’ll also find yourself thinking about your wildest dreams and fantasies, like many other signs this month. Just as much as you’ll be planning your 2023 goals, you’ll also be thinking a lot about and participating in the sparkle of this season. Celebrate your wins this past year and be sure to take some time out pleasure and joy!


Everything has been unpredictable and up in the air these last couple of months, but this month, you’re focusing on celebrating your loved ones, your friends, and this dazzling holiday season, dear Aquarius! It’s time to indulge in yourself – be it taking yourself on a luxurious date, or getting treated by your sneaky link. This month, you’re choosing to focus on your love life, and with it, you’ll find yourself being a little more guarded about your love life, too. We don’t blame you! Make sure to take special time out to spend special time with your significant other, and if you don’t have one, take time to date and spend time with someone you’re interested in. Trust us, this will go a long way for you. 


You don’t have to listen to that inner Aunty critic that lives in your brain all the time, Pisces. Now is the time to step away from her questions and ever-judging stare into developing your own voice and the structures within your life. Build a community that supports you, and find characteristics that you resonate with and apply them to your dating life. You have so much luck in store this month. You deserve to live out your dreams, and this month, you’ll realize that the only person that can make them come alive is yourself.

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