Your May 2021 Horoscope


It feels like we’ve all been resting in our cocoons for the past year, and this month is finally our time to shine and present ourselves to the world. Warmer weather, continued vaccines, and slow reopenings have us all feeling hopeful, but it will be important to ease back into things and find balance. This month is also all about community, and supporting and celebrating each other, whether that’s celebrating Asian Pacific American Hertiage Month in the US, or supporting family and friends back home who are still in the thick of the pandemic. Read on to see what Spring has in store for you!


Use this month to reflect on what you want to accomplish over the next few years, and really commit to it. You may find that you’ve been overindexing on work life, and it’s time to pause and check-in on your friends and family. You may find that a friend needs this more than you realized.


If there’s anything you’ve been wanting for a while, now is the time to pursue it! Now we’re not saying it’s going to be easy, and will definitely require some hard work, but will pay out in the end. Find balance in your life by practicing some self-care and integrating it into your routine. This will help prevent burnout and bring you one step closer to your goals.


It’s birthday month, and it’s all about love! You’ll find yourself introspecting about past relationships in your life, and how they may have impacted the way you approach romantic relationships. We know desi families aren’t very expressive about their feelings, but your partner might actually need to hear how you feel once in a while!


We’re leaving the nagging voice in your head behind this month. The one that’s constantly telling you to take the safe path and avoid all risks, even at the cost of pursing things or people that you love. Our families moved here for you to have more — and that should include happiness, love, and joy, not just money.


The future has been on your mind, and many decisions you make now will impact the ways the next several years of your life play out. Some roads will lead you to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, while others will challenge you more and bring out the creativity in your work. Neither option is wrong, you’ll just need to figure out what you truly want.


You’re usually confident in your knowledge about the world, but a few recent events have challenged the way you view the world. There’s nothing wrong with realizing that there are perspectives you perhaps haven’t considered. Challenge what you think you know, and you’ll grow and flourish as a result.


You’ve been going through a rough patch with a project at work, or maybe in a relationship with a close friend. It’s time to add a side hustle into the mix to get you out of your head, and focused on something other than your problems. A new project will not only reenergize you, but it will also help you clear your head so you can better tackle the issues at hand. 


You’re doing well in the love department right about now! Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, others around you are noticing the hard work you’ve been putting into yourself. Don’t shy away from flaunting your progress and living your best life. The right partner will be attracted to this energy and find their way to you.


You’re itching for some good spring cleaning, and that includes a full reset on your health! Before you go down a rabbit hole of skincare routines and juice cleanses, remember that our ancestors kind of knew what they were doing when it came to some of this stuff. Check out some traditional ayurvedic routines — you’ll find some remedies that significantly improve your energy. 


We often look at the world in black and white, when most of the time the answers are in the grey area in between. You may feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work or in your personal life, but the answer isn’t starting over. It’s finding the magic in the life you’re already living. Bored of your desk job? Find ways to infuse creativity into it!


What is it about brown people and being so damn uncomfortable with celebrating ourselves? Patting yourself on the back just feels icky, and we tend to minimize our accomplishments. Challenge yourself to push past this nature and take time to celebrate wins big and small, and see how it impacts your mood.


We’ve been raised to defer to authority figures and keep our heads down, but this month you’ll be pushed to speak up to defend your friends or family. Don’t shy away from confrontations just because they can be uncomfortable — both sides will be better off for it.

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