Your October 2022 Horoscopes: Let’s Get Spooky


Ah, October. The air is crisp. Pumpkins are starting to line up the streets, the Gujjus are still relishing Garba season, and leaves are falling. We’re all shamelessly ordering hella Mexican pizzas and PSLs from all the coffee shops around town.

Even though everything is dying, there is still room for love in the air. As Netflix releases bone-chilling entertainment, we’re sure you’re thinking how nice it would be to have a hunny to cuddle up against during the scary bits of this spooky season.

What better way to enter darker days with some mystical, magical horoscopes? Here is your spooky love forecast for this fall. Check out your sun sign (the sign your birthday falls under) to see what these chilly, spine-tingling days have in store for you.


Happy birthday Libra! This mercury retrograde has sucked your blood dry – with days that felt like they were sent to you by Hades himself. But, don’t worry, this month you’ll be pulled out of the dark days and plunged into the autumn sun. New relationships are in store for you, so keep swiping on Dil Mil because your boo is near! Dive head into all your deepest desires and celebrate yourself – this month is going to get sappy, so write down all your dreams for the future, including the dreams you see with your future partner. We love that you love to love!


This month is all about purging – and yes, it will be as extra and intense as the movie. You’ll be inspired to uproot every part of yourself – your personality, your likes, your dislikes, your clothing. S, if your mom is probably telling you that if you dress like a witch by the end of the month, you’ll probably be a witch in your next life. We all know that’s BS even though she has somewhat convinced you that there’s a slight possibility this might be true. Stay true to yourself queen. Be the witch you always wanted to be. Don’t let the aunties win.


This month completely skips the fires of the underworld and jumps straight to the paradises of love and pleasure for you, Sagittarius. You’re on the go, and you’re on a romantic mission. We won’t be surprised if you’re spending hours on Dil Mil, swiping all day and dating all night (we’re not judging, live your greatest life, bestie). You’re content, and you’re happy with the fast pace of life. Just remember to get some self care in between all of the shenanigans you get up to. Sometimes, it’s important to also experience a slower pace, so be sure to spend some time adding some pumpkin spice to you chai and savouring every moment of it.


This month is all about cleaning the cobwebs on your inner and outer personalities, Capricorn. You’ll find yourself ditching the act and stepping into quiet moments – jumping in piles of leaves, watching the trees change colour, breathing in some fresh, cold air. October brings realignment with your needs and what you’re looking for, bringing immense satisfaction in your dating life. Balance your relationship with yourself with some fun – learn a new boozy chai recipe (tip, experiment with rum and whiskey), take some chocolate edibles. Our gravestones are waiting for us. Live a little.


You’re a manifestation queen this month, Aquarius! Dust your crystal ball, pull out your tea leaves, and focus on your desires. This month will bring a lot of opportunities to showcase your creativity, so consider going to a painting class, a pottery class, a bartending class, or anything else that will challenge you and your date, while putting your creative skills to the test. Focus on balancing all the Halloween house parties with some sleep and ample leisure time for yourself – trust us, you’re going to need it.


This month is all about individuality, Pisces, so even if you’re planning on being coupled up, think of a solo Halloween costume that represents the spooky side of your personality. This is also going to be a sensual month for you, so think about your relationship with yourself – especially how you express affection and love. Consider going on dates where you can move your body and/or stimulate your mind, like dancing in a club or at a concert. At the end of the month, you’ll find yourself retreating into a more reflective state – allow it to happen, but remember to believe in yourself. You’ll find the one soon, boo. 


We know, Aries. Your love life has been feeling like a haunted house these days – it only exists for quick scares and cheap thrills. Fear not! This season brings major good luck (yes, we know we’re closer to Halloween than St. Patrick’s Day), bringing an end to the doom and gloom of your romantic reality. For smooth sailing in this realm, though, you have to be careful of putting too many expectations on yourself and others (you know you do this). Let go.

Our final tip: don’t trick yourself into getting back to your toxic ex – and you’ll be in for a treat!


This mercury retrograde has been no different to a true crime documentary for you, Taurus. You’ve been going through it! This month is all about retreating into your body. You’re going to go out. You’re going to socialize. And you’re going to look sizzling hot while you do it. This is a time for you to put energy into your relationships – so whether you’re meeting someone new or rekindling the flame with someone who is already in your life, you’re in for a sensual month. Just remember to prioritize your rest and take care of your body, boo!


This month is all about getting into your feelings, Gemini. We know this makes you want to scream like The Grudge, but really, you’re going to have a great time driving forth action with focus. Use this killer combo to go after what you want with regards to your dating life. While all the things happen behind the scenes for you, it’s also a time to slow down and disconnect. Be intentional while you swipe on Dil Mil, and when you find your match, go on a date that is more slow-paced than your usual style.


This month is all about beauty for you, dear Cancer. It’s also a very sou;-cleansing month for you. Has anyone been ghosting you? Abracadabra, the energy of this month will make them disappear. Keep an eyeball on the amount you socialise this month, Cancer. It needs to align with the amount of energy you have. So, book those Halloween parties and hang outs with hunnies in now, and be sure to to get the rest you need to see them through!


Your fears are not going to come true, Leo. But, this is the month to face them. Unlike a zombie, your life is going FAST – you’ll soon see that events, parties, people, things, they’ll all blur into one big frenzy. If you work through everything holding you back, you’ll find you have the strength and power to take your relationships seriously – including your romantic relationships. Now is a time of good luck for you dating wise, Leo, so, be sure to be intentional with your dating choices this month, and stay on top of your schedule and commitments.


Inspiration strikes hard this month, Virgo! Spooky season is all about creative inspiration for you. You’ll find luck with money and love – so be sure to think up some fun, innovative date ideas with that extra cash flow! Just like a werewolf, you’ll be transforming this month. From your fashion sense to your personality, you’ll notice good shifts. Avoid fights with your significant other and family, as tempers rise near the end of the month. You’re all about love, and we’re excited to see you transform and grow!

In all seriousness though – something called Venus Star Point Libra kicks off on October 22, starting a whole 8 year long journey of love and romance. So, even if the weather’s cold, keep it hot and spicy, young one. You never know, love might just be around the cobwebbed corner. Good luck, and we’ll see you in a few weeks.

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